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Maria, to think I almost hadn't believed you.

How does dinner tonight sound?
Enjoy, Sasaki.

ooc: In preparation for their eventual kick duel, guess who sent 'some' flowers over to Koutarou's apartment?

... I don't really think I want to know, but this is an incredibly uncomfortable situation if I was ever in one.

Kisaragi, please tell me you aren't in mine.
It's over... right?

This isn't like one of those eye of the tornado things, right?

They couldn't really take us back to our worlds, right?

Dec. 28th, 2007

Kisaragi, get dressed.

We're going scouting.

Dec. 23rd, 2007

Kisaragi, I'm going on ahead.

[ aaaand leaving behind a bouquet of jasmine for Kisaragi, although he's more used to sending 'apologies for completely crushing your hopes and dreams at football' ones ]
Kisaragi, what exactly is this about?
Because it gets the grass stains out and has a nice springy smell.

... And I'm not even going to bother asking why I felt like explaining that.

This really isn't a good development, is it?